RLD | 21/12/2014

I'd like to write another testimonial regarding my experience with Asacasam. I believe we can understand even better their value after a certain time of any work done by them. They are excellent light workers and I can say the work they did had a great impact in my life. It opened many doors and windows for a higher awareness and such a good feeling of comfort and peace in my soul that all I can do is to show my gratitude to them through these words. They are gifted and certainly study their subject in depth. Highly recommend it.

Powerful clearing and healing

RLD | 01/10/2014

Asacasam is a very powerful team of healers which has been advised by another powerful healer who couldn't handle the things I was facing at the time.
I'm truly grateful for all the work they have done. I could feel a real shift in my house since they start working and I learnt a lot of things that I'm sure will help me for a long time. They are very committed and responsive and I heartily recommend their work. Love&Light

Incredible Work Incredible Integrity, Love and Consciousness

MM | 29/09/2014

With my full heart I thank you for all that you have done for me. Your consciousness, full presence, love, care and skill have made a wonderful difference in me and in my home.

Anyone that works with you will be blessed and shifted. It has been and no doubt will always be a relationship that I deeply cherish.


Sarah | 17/07/2012

I have learnt such a lot from Asacasam that I am now in a much better place and feel privileged to work with them. Professional, trustworthy, knowledgeable and lots of kindness.

Helping each other

Mum | 16/07/2012

I have know Asacasam for quite a while I have found I can trust them always. Thank you.

Psychic nasties

Woody | 11/07/2012

Asacasam have dealt with my recent disturbances of a psychic nature, and I had almost completely forgotten about the whole ordeal before long. Wonderful work, cannot recommend them enough.

House and Body Clearing

Ellis P | 23/04/2012

Testimonial for Cleansing Skills
I have had personal experience of the ability of Asacasam and their cleansing abilities. I had been attacked by an individual, who professed to be spiritual, but turned out to be anything but, Asacasam and managed to help me rid all entities that he had planted within me, such that we achieved a 100% clearance. I am perfectly happy to recommend their skills to anyone who has need of them.

Psychic Attack and House Cleansing

Mrs R - Hampshire | 23/04/2012

Thank you for your help with our recent problems, things are much better now and healing is taking place. You really have turned our lives around in a more positive direction and I would recommend your services to anyone. Asacasam's professionalism and knowledge is second to none. Thank you xxxxxxx

Spiritual Defence

Helen S | 23/04/2012

I have known Asacasam for a number of years and they have helped me with a few problems, like Spiritual defence. Each time I have found them to be professional and very capable.

House Clearing and Protection

Aryanna | 23/04/2012

I knew that I had been having some nasty critters hanging around, and I had used all my gifts and talents to clear it. to no avail. I met Asacasam "by chance" and they told me what the issues were and how to clear them. They came to my home and did some space clearing, and gave me tools to keep it " clean" I have not had problems since. I would recommend them to anyone, they are trustworthy and has a huge knowledge. thanks very much

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