1. When you initially contact us through our website, using the form provided, you will be sent a confirmation email and a request for a payment of £75. This is our first consultation fee and covers analysis of the initial information you send. You will then be sent an email containing important advice that you need to follow initially, and this is also covered by the first payment of £75. Payment will indicate you have read and agreed to our terms and conditions.
  2. After this, we recommend a skype or telephone call (charged at £100 per hour) to discuss our findings, recieve your feedback from doing the instructions in the email and detail further work needed to be done, if applicable. You can of course, opt to email us instead. Other fees are £100 per hour for all work carried out - and emails to you - up to 9pm Monday-Friday.
  3. In cases of emergency (after 9pm or at weekends), we can contact you and give information, instructions, advice and help. However, this will be charged at £100 per hour. We will not contact you after 9pm unless by prior arrangement with yourself, or if you contact us with an emergency.
    This fee also applies to when we are on holiday. We will notify you when we are away, but again can be contacted in emergencies.
  4. Personal visits to clients will be charged as above, plus 40p per mile petrol costs.
  5. We charge for any supplies to you of incense, oils, crystals, etc. When possible, we ask you to purchase items on our advice, to keep costs and postage to a minimum. We will recommend reputable and reasonable businesses to you.
  6. As lightworkers, we aim to give back to the universe. Therefore, we do offer concessions for those on benefits and/or are unemployed. Please supply details of this in your initial information so we can then advise on reduced fees.

Thank you for your patience in reading this information, and the other information on our site!